Kurayoshi whisky 12 review

As we all know, Japanese whisky is so hot right now. Yet the combination of rarity, language barrier, and spotty U. So I was particularly excited by the chance to get to know one of the lesser-known Japanese whisky brands, Kurayoshi. Kurayoshi Malt Whisky is made at the Matsui Shuzou production facility in the Tottori Prefecture, northwest of Kyoto, which was founded in In addition to whisky, Matsui Shuzou also brews sake and distills shochu, a spirit made from rice, barley, sweet potato, or other starchy ingredients inoculated with kojithe same mold used in sake production.

According to CaskersKurayoshi Pure Malt is made by combining sourced malt whisky from Scotland with Japanese malt whisky, then maturing and proofing the final blend in Japan. It often surprises people to learn that importing whisky from other nations, blending it, and bottling it as Japanese whisky is very much allowed in Japan, although not many distilleries go out of their way to declare it to the general public. In this case, Kurayoshi places great importance on the pure, clean water of Tottori Prefecture, much of which is designated as a wilderness preserve.

They say its low mineral content and high purity makes it ideal for proofing malt whisky.

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Nose: Aromatic green apples, honeydew melon, kiwi, fresh grain, warm hay, toasted walnuts. Earthy and sweet. Palate: Sweet entry, malty mid-palate, with waxy honey tones throughout. Light-bodied and mellow, this has a rather thin and short finish.

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Nose: Very nutty, with Spanish peanut, gasoline, caramel, Payday bar, musky bosc pear, cooked orange, mushroom, and a white truffle topnote.

Quite earthy and savory, without much in the way of fruit. Palate: Dense and compact, with white chocolate, peanut brittle, lemon peel, sherry, and a cocoa-like bitterness in the finish as well as some slightly sappy green notes. Nose: Reminiscent of the eight-year-old but with some extra floral, waxy components. I get candle wax, dried rose petals, and a hefty whack of fruit — melon, kiwi, tangerine juice, even cucumber.

Weighty and bottom-heavy, with water, I notice some tails. Palate: Rich and malty, with big and somewhat raw grain-forward character. The flavor is broad across the palate, with a sugary grain sweetness throughout. Almost beery, with a medicinal herb bitterness and slaty minerality in the finish. Water brings out even more sweetness and graininess. The persistent finish leaves you with an IPA-like sensation. The tailsy note is off-putting, however. Nose: Almond Joy candy bars immediately leap to mind: almond, milk chocolate, and tons of creamy coconut.

Very inviting.

Matsui Whisky – The Kurayoshi Pure Malt Aged 15 Years

Palate: A sweet note kicks things off before pivoting towards a mysteriously high-toned spice. White pepper? A very long finish has caramel and chocolate notes, plus lingering flavors of melon and papaya at the bitter end.

Nicely matured. Read More Whiskey News. Shop Now! Subscribe to our newsletter.Join the Club Log In. Finish Soft and smooth. Add to cart. About Details. Kurayoshi 12 Year Old Pure Malt Whisky is adored for its nutty, caramel, vanilla and mineral flavor notes. This Japanese Whisky is carefully distilled at Kurayoshi distillery, Japan. There is coffee, caramel, chocolate and raisins.

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The aftertaste is soft. Elegant and accessible, a nice balance. Japanese Whisky. SkipDec 27, This is a Japanese Whisky that makes me want to explore these more.

I really liked the flavor and it wasn't overwhelming like too many others. Side note - this was a Christmas gift from Joel in MichielNov 30, The first taste is a bit sharp, then it gets more mellow.

RickNov 8, DavidOct 30, Raisiny, rich, clean and warming. Vibrant flavors from front to finish. LawrenceOct 29, Very drinkable! Smooth and mild, quite sweet. Could drink a lot of this AlistairOct 13, First two words out of my mouth were "ooo dangerous".

Definitely a nice whiskey here.

Kurayoshi 12 Year Old Pure Malt

AdamOct 11, Smooth and easy to drink. Sweet, caramel, mineral and light peat. My favourite Japanese whiskey. JaakkoOct 2, Light golden dram from Japan again. Might prefer a bit darker colour myself, but this is fine. Nose has a hint of vinegar somehow. Interesting, exciting, pear, apples? Apple cider? Surprisingly acidic taste. Still getting that vinegar and I really like it.

I think it's the mineral from the flavour wheel.Here it is. One of the first whiskies from the notorious Matsui Shuzo that is--allegedly--actual Japanese whisky! I wrote a whole lot of words about Matsui Shuzo 's phantom Kurayoshi Distillery last year. To briefly summarize: they have historically been pretty deceptive and confrontational, and tend have a bad reputation for making fake Japanese whiskies.

Yet there seems to be someone in the company that wants to turn legit, because sincethey've reportedly been distilling their own whisky. Maybe the Kurayoshi Distillery isn't such a phantom anymore. The Matsui series is the first result of that attempt at legitimacy. Today I'm trying Sakura Cask since it seems the most interesting of the lot Cherry wood casks aren't something you see everyday, after all. This is one whisky that should be NAS. Simply because it makes it easier to believe Matsui Shuzo when they call it "Japanese whisky.

Reports so far indicate that it's distilled not in a pot still, but one of the alembic stills the company installed in early Then aged for about 18 months. Daisen -- where Suntory also happens to run a mineral water factory. On the other hand, they haven't actually called it a New Born. The whisky world expects that kind of transparency these days But this is Matsui Shuzo we're talking about here.

You can't deny the label still looks awfully similar to another company's whiskies. How much of this whisky is really Japanese, if any? Matsui Shuzo obviously has plenty of imported whisky at the ready.Home Thousands of tastings, all the music, all the rambligs and all the fun hopefully! August 11, Scotch wearing kanjis, in other words. Very troubling, very very troubling. What do you say? Some money to be made, no? Ha, money. SGP - 85 points. Check the index of all Japanese whiskies I've tasted so far.

Hi, this is one of our almost daily tastings. Is that like those Americans that are actually Canadian?

kurayoshi whisky 12 review

Colour: pale gold. Nose: noses like Speyside young malt indeed. Malt, muesli, porridge, raisins, croissants, vanilla, and overripe apples. Mouth: nothing bad to say. Reminds me a bit of Kininvie, with this beerish, ale-y maltiness and the notes of fresh ripe pears and apples.

Or young Glenfiddich-like? Finish: medium, malty, porridge-y, with a salty touch and notes of manzana liqueur in the aftertaste, as well as burnt raisins. Comments: indeed, tastes a bit like those oceans of young malt whisky they have over there in Speyside. SGP - 80 points. Colour: straw. Nose: hold on, this is a very nice nose. It is William-Granty. Mouth neat : good, malty and sweet, with peaches and a citrusy development, with touches of peat this time.

This is really good. With water: easy apple juice and muesli. Finish: medium, a little weaker now. Sweet barley. Comments: works. SGP - 82 points. Other countries, other ways… Colour: straw. Nose: some wax and some white fruits, with a very Speyside-y development, all on vanilla and orchard fruits, with a touch of mint in the background.Distribution of ratings for this: user. Japanese whisky is still booming. With Japanese regulations full of holes it does not come as a surprise that some people take advantage.

Matsui Shozo promotes their Kurayoshi as Japanese whisky, but it is nothing of the sort. Well, Togouchi is similar, but at least they communicate transparently about the fact that their whisky is a blend of Scottish malt and Canadian grain.

The nose is pleasant enough. Lots of sweetness in the guise of caramel, baked apples, stewed pears and some honey, joined by grasses and upholstered by a lovely mineral note. Some sweet beer note. If I may be so bold, this smells like the better Glenfiddich. The arrival is fine with a sweetness that is a nice continuation of the nose, but with a powerful spiciness. Slowly but surely evolves towards all kinds of citrus fruit and — drumroll — lots of woodsmoke!

Might that even be some peat? Did not see that one coming. By far the best non-Japanese Japanese whisky from the Kurayoshi series.

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But more than EUR for a bottle? No, thank you. Join Us Sign in. Shop Join. Join Sign in. Show rating data charts. The finish is surprisingly long, warm, spicy and soothing.

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kurayoshi whisky 12 review

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kurayoshi whisky 12 review

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kurayoshi whisky 12 review

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